About Faculty

This faculty is active on nanoscience and nanotechnology. The faculty members are cooperating with nanotechnology research center. This department has a main role in production of knowledge-based companies such as: precise desert Magnetism Company, Optic physics Technicians Company and precise techno company.

This department is active on international scientific cooperation. There is a new established international center, called ICTP (International Center for Theoretical Physics). Meanwhile, this department is trying to set a laboratory for ancient studies with the cooperation of Italy.

The establishment of national observatory provides a rich opportunity for University of Kashan to build an astronomy research center.  

Graduated students can work on research centers and the precise Magnetism company and Optic physics Technicians company.  

 Head of the Faculty

Dr. Mostafa Zahedifar


Tel: ( 98)3155912322
Fax: ( 98)3155511126
Email: zhdfr@Kashanu.ac.ir
Website: http://zahedifar.kashanu.ac.ir/



Deputy of Education



Dr. Seyed Mohammadbagher Ghorashi

Tel: ( 98)3155912398
Fax: ( 98)3155912398
Email: mghorshi@kashanu.ac.ir
Website: http://ghorashi.kashanu.ac.ir/



Deputy of research




Dr. Abdolali Ramazani


Tel: ( 98)3155912895
Fax: ( 98)3155912895
Email: rmzn@Kashanu.ac.ir
Website: http://rmzn.kashanu.ac.ir/